Luxury Apartments

luxury If you dreamed living in a place with grand views that has a bed designed by the best in the field and offers full-time amenities the maybe you should rent a luxury apartment.

Cardio Center, Pet Services, private media room and rooftop pool are just a few of the options you can get in a rented luxury apartment. If you choose Portland Apartment rentals then you will find the best place for you to live in. Only here you will see the true meaning of luxury.

Luxury apartments always offer top level quality from security and comfort to privacy and amenities like:

Complete Sanitary control – you will get towels, quality cotton sheets, blankets and pillows hygienically controlled. Also everything is top class quality.

Visual Feast – The place is designed to offer an open feeling with a huge balcony or terrace. Of course you will also have luxurious baths, fully-equipped kitchens and the best urban view. Also these places are pet-friendly.

Concierge services – breakfast delivery, room service, personalized guide for shopping and visits, professional massage, etc.

High Security – smoke alarms, high security locks, personal safe, etc

Private Home Theater – if you want to see a movie with your family or friends.

Well appointed kitchen – in the kitchen you will find absolutely everything you need and more. From dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave oven, disposal and dishes to cutlery, electric toaster, glassware and table clothes everything will be there.

Business services – You can use the private dining club if you need to throw a party or have a business meeting. If you use to travel a lot then a room in the center of the town can be the best place for your business.

Garage Parking – if you have a car and you want it to be safe.

Either if you are a simple tourist or a businessman you will find the luxury Portland apartments to be perfect for your needs.

Photo credit: urbaneapts on Flickr